Link Love (2014-04-06)

Click. Sound. Color. Fun.
History of Letterfolds
A brief look at the history of letter folds with images and links.
“This is not Writing” (But is it Literature?)
“Walking into Brown’s CAVE is kind of like walking out of Plato’s. I can’t decide whether to be dazzled or paralyzed by the light — whether I’m thrilled that the artistic possibilities for “writers” are expanding ever outward, or terrified that my definition of what literature is has been shattered. [...] For the past 20 years, the field of electronic literature has been developing beneath the noses of academics, book lovers, and college English majors like me. Now it is ready to reveal itself to the masses and revolutionize the way we think about the book, whether we’re prepared for it or not.”
Paper for Fountain Pens (store)
I haven’t purchased from them, but all the reviews on various networks are good. They carry cream and white Tomoe River paper in pads, blank books, and loose sheets.
Great Unsung Science Fiction Authors That Everybody Should Read
An interesting mix of the definitely unsung (John Brunner, anyone?) and some I’m not so sure belong there (Kage Baker, really?). Still, a good list to which we can each add our own.
The Uncomfortable
This has to be some kind of designery litmus test: just how uncomfortable do these designs of everyday objects make you feel? They make my skin crawl and I just want it to stop.
Fontshop rebuilds
Fontshop is rebuilding from the ground up…this should be good.
One Artist Is Printing 250,000 Pages of Pirated JSTOR Documents, In Tribute to Aaron Swartz
Kenneth Goldsmith’s work is usually uninteresting. But printing Aaron Swartz related JSTOR docs is brilliant…

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